Can Do Statements & Checklist

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking & Reading Strategies

Formative Assessment Tools

Class Data Walls - A blank template that teachers can fill out with student names, learning outcomes, and performance tasks
formative-wordmark.png - This formative assessment tool allows you to upload different question types (including images, whiteboards, and YouTube videos as prompts), view student work, grade student work, and will soon allow feedback as well.

Kaizena.JPG - Amazingly simple, flexible feedback tool. Add documents using a dropbox, provide audio or text-based comments and highlights on the document, set up "frequently used comments," rubrics, etc., and use those to provide feedback.

See Tools for Assessment for a full list.

Interview Evaluation Tools

Checklist for Evaluating Interviews

Observation Questions



Product Evaluation Tools for Learners

PBLChecklists.JPG - Tool allows teachers to select key areas and type in criteria in order to generate checklists for evaluating students' PBL products

Project Evaluation Tools for Teachers


Project Feedback Protocols

Critical Friends Protocol


Interpretive Reading Novice Level (Alternate version with pix)

RubricBank.JPG - A collection from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa that contains rubrics for assessing civic engagement, collaboration, critical thinking, ethical deliberation, problem-solving, etc.


Self-Evaluation Tools

Group Participation Checklist in Spanish