Project Ideas

CoralGuardian.png - Based in France, could be an interesting project partner

CriticallyReadingTheWord&TheWorld.JPG - This poject done with elementary students could be easily adapted for world languages at any level

EduCurious.JPG - Project-based courses in Biology, Humanities, & Language Arts.

Game Creation

Five Awesomely Authentic Spanish Projects Your Students Will Cheer For!

I Can Make a Difference

Iowa Core Curriculum 21st Century Scenarios
Although not specifically intended for PBL or PBLL, some of these scenarios provide useful ideas that could be transformed into projects

Borlongan, Kat. (2016, June 23). Letter to the 10-year-old who applied to the Paris summer innovation fellowship. Facebook. Retrieved July 1, 2016, from

MapYourWorldAlliance.JPG - Projects that engage K-12 students in social activism

MapYourWorld.JPG - Projects from Unicef in New Zealand

NationalGeographic.JPG - A series of lessons that could be easily turned into PBL projects

NSLI For Youth Interactive.png- Includes project ideas for Arabic, Korean, & Persian (although not fully PBLL projects)

PBLInTheTLNewBlogTitle.png - An extensive list of projects that Laura Sexton has tried in her Spanish 1, 2, and 3 classes, along with brief reflections about what needs improvement

ProjectEd.png - Lots of good literature-based, technology-infused project ideas

ReachOutActRespondROAR.JPG - Project ideas for animal lovers


TheGlobeProgram.jpg - Global, science-based, climate change-related projects. Scroll down the page for templates and resources for teachers

Global Issues

AP Global Themes & Contexts



GuiaDelMundoTemasGlobales.jpg - INCREDIBLE site in Spanish that contains a list of global themes, background reading about each one in Spanish, and links to related statistics; click on the Countries tab to access background information about each country, historical information, a fantastic page of statistics regarding global issues, a map of the country, a downloadable audio file of the country's national anthem, and images

Globalization101.jpg - Fantastic site that provides brief overviews in English that outline some of the complexities of different global issues. These "blurbs" offer a host of possible directions for projects

OneGlobalClassroom.JPG - Ideas for international PBL projects with countries like Korea and Japan

PeaceCorps.JPG - List of global initiatives with which schools might wish to become involved


Social Problems


Guernica & The Art of War: A Problem-based Unit for Teaching About the Spanish Civil War

VoiceOfWitness.png - Students could start a book club or collect oral histories regarding a particular issue based on this project