This page contains links to sample projects.

Authentic Audiences

HolidayCardExchange.png - K-6 card exchange with 23 different classrooms around the world


SecretSalalahLogo.jpg - A project in which Arabic-speaking students compiled an online guide of local things to see and do in Oman for English-speaking tourists

Authentic Purposes

BYU Ad-Lab Helps Hospital-Bound Kids Play Pokemon Go.JPG

Cultural Issues Focus

DiscoverNikkei.JPG - Tons of possibilities for meaningful projects related to emigration, family history, identity, and culture here, including articles in other languages about cultural aspects of Japanese life, interviews, photo albums about Japanese in countries like Brazil, photo collections, Here are some additional resources

Global Issues Focus

OpenChannels.JPG - Lesson plans and sample student projects on global issues, international trade, and environmentally sustainable business practices

TIGEd.JPG Project repository that includes projects in world language classes for an organization devoted to engaging youth in using technology to address real-world problems in the areas of culture, education, environment, globalization, health, human rights, media, peace and conflict, and technology.

Historical Focus

Shoeless&Bark.JPG - Collaborative project that seeks to teach students the history of the Lewis & Clark expedition

Language-learning Focus

American Sign Language (ASL)




ISI 2015 CAIS Online Course Interview Project - A project that invites students to explore issues related to immigration in Chinese

English Language Learners

EuropeanLanguage Label.png - Database of language learning projects, searchable by country, year, level, theme, and language


cultura.png - Project from MIT, organized by Sabine Levet

Foreign Films with iPads - Students create foreign films in French (with English subtitles) based on existentialism

Girl power! - A project that focuses on education for women in West Africa

Storybooks for Haiti & Napa





Easy Japanese & How We Want It To Be: Messages from Japanese Learners in American Colleges - A project that develops materials


Travel Guide for Elderly Tourists from Japan



ExpeditionaryLearning.JPG - Sample student work from a variety of languages and other subject areas

Pebbles.JPG - Searchable database of projects in a variety of languages submitted by participants in the project-based language learning intensive summer institutes hosted by the NFLRC at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. You can browse the database or "flip" an existing project into a template that you can modify to your own specifications

ProjectSearch.JPG - Foreign language projects from the Buck Institute for Education




The Little Explorers Project


VietnameseThroughProjectBasedLanguageLearning.png - An entire curriculum organized around PBLL

Literature Focus


Other "Fun" Projects That Lack Authentic Audiences & Real Life Purposes

Adopt an Escargot