NC PBLL Presentation Materials

This page contains materials from Cherice Montgomery's workshop on Project-based Language Learning given on August 8-9, 2016 for Wake County Public Schools in North Carolina.


Articles on PBL

(Referenced During the Presentation)

Gold Standard PBL: Essential Project Design Elements

What’s the Difference Between Doing Projects & Project-based Learning?

12 Ways to Know If You’re In a Project-based Learning Environment Or Merely Having Kids Create Projects in Your Classroom

Writing a Great Authentic Task

Driving Questions

Driving Questions: Uncovering What is Under the Hood
(NOTE: This is a great article but works best for scaffolding the brainstorming and development of a public product, NOT a driving question.)


PowerPoint Presentations

More coming soon!

Resources for Teaching Academic Language

AcademicConversationPlacematWithPrompts.JPG (Another placemat example)


Interactive Strategies for Structuring Discussions

Sample "Placemat" for Supporting Academic Writing (Page 2)

Students as Change Leaders

This Brooklyn court helps teens stay out of jail--and it's run entirely by teenagers


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(Note: Unlike the rest of the articles on this page, this article discusses a concept invented by a teen which has not yet been physically produced or tested.)

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Various Ages

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30 Under 30

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Culture Connection - Culturally authentic resources

Dual Language Immersion Wiki - Downloadable templates for scaffolding


The Danger of a Single Story - Segment 1

The Danger of a Single Story - Segment 2 (Immigration, Mexicans, & the Power of a Repeated Story)

The Danger of a Single Story - Segment 3 (Of Flattened Experience, Stereotypes, & Incomplete Stories)

DPAN - Waiting on the World to Change