This page contains examples of possible driving questions.

AskBigQuestions.png - Links to a lot of "big questions" on a variety of topics, along with guides designed to help teachers facilitate conversations on those topics. Consider the chart that distinguishes between asking "big questions" and asking "hard questions" in the Air-It: A Guide to Facilitating Conversation

crafting_questions.jpg- Tony Wagner provides an overview on the crafting of "big questions"

DiscoverNikkei.JPG - The questions at the bottom of this page delve into issues of identity and what it means to be "Nikkei"

DrivingQuestions.JPG - Pages 2 & 3 of this handout contain a nice template for writing driving questions, along with a rubric for assessing them

Driving Questions - An extremely thorough, well-structured explanation of the differences between directed, open-ended, and driving questions

PBLInTheTL.JPG - A lengthy list of driving questions for Spanish 1 classes, along with links to blog posts in which the teacher describes the entry event, final product, etc.

Teaching Students to Ask Questions - This simple rubric describes how students are able to ask, engage with, and use questions to move their learning forward at different levels


Verso_Logo_small1.jpg - Tool that you could use to support collaborative brainstorming and development of driving questions